Incoming BTS albums

Posted: June 4, 2018 in Uncategorized

My name is Erin Bishop and I have been and am interning at the Oxford Public Library. It has been an amazing experience that was given to me by my school, and, of course, I need to leave my mark. During the two week period in which I am here, I will bring the two BTS albums in the Love Yourself series, Her and Tear, into the library. As BTS are becoming such a global sensation, I feel that these albums are a necessary addition to the library’s collection. I also believe that it will promote other libraries to order the albums as well as bring people from a wider area to our own library. This will also give people who have only heard of BTS in passing a chance to check out why exactly they are so popular, their music a key component in their large fan base. I will give an update when the BTS albums are available and hope others will share my enthusiasm for this addition. And hopefully it will pave the way for other k-pop albums to make appearances in libraries.


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