Upcoming Teen Programs

Posted: March 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

Hi all!

I’ve been working on making the library a more accessible place for teens, especially those of you in high school!  I have recently done a massive order of the newest young adult titles and there are so many books they (literally) are falling off the shelves!   Make sure to come take a peek 🙂

I know how busy this time of year is, but in the hopes of giving you something fun to do to unwind, I’ve planned some (what I hope) are super exciting upcoming programs! March 10th I’ll be hosting a “Teen Tech Trivia” night in honor of Teen Tech week.

And Friday March 11th is bookface Friday.  Example of bookfacing here:


I’ll have a bunch of books available for you guys to “complete” and if you do take photos make sure to put them on our facebook wall or use #bookfacefriday #TTW16 on Instagram and geotag us!

Also, starting in April we will be having several “Open Mic Nights” where you can come share poetry, writing, songs, or literally anything else you have in mind!  If you have any other ideas or suggestions for some things you’d like to see for teens at the library, please e-mail me at rrivero@oxfordlib.org



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